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What is the Best Music to Send Your Baby to Sleep?

What is the Best Music to Send Your Baby to SleepMaking babies fall asleep is a huge challenge. They have to sleep at the right time and with exact number of hours. They can’t oversleep during the day or else it will be difficult to put them to bed at night.

One of the time-tested ways to send them to sleep is singing a lullaby. This is true in different countries and cultures. Wherever you go, lullabies are used as they are totally effective. With the right hum, babies will fall asleep in an instant.

The reason why a lullaby is effective is because it is very soothing. The swaying rhythm is also said to be almost similar to the baby’s heartbeat. Lullabies also provide a sense of relief and comfort. This makes the baby forget everything else and just fall asleep.

Another study has revealed that aside from the lullaby itself, the voice of the mother is what makes it even more soothing. A part of the brain is responsible in creating an emotional response to music. When singing a lullaby, this part is stimulated.

A different study has revealed that aside from helping put babies to sleep, lullabies are also effective in improving weight gain. This could also be attributed to the fact that babies can sleep longer. Their bodies are still developing. Hence, getting enough sleep is a must.

Perhaps, the best part of singing lullabies to babies is the development of the bond between the mother and the baby. These babies end up with a better relationship with their mothers as they grow older.

Alternative options

Not everyone is blessed to have a soothing voice which is perfect for a lullaby. Some mothers have a hard time coming up with the right tune. Instead of putting their baby to sleep, it becomes more challenging.

The best alternative is to play a recorded song on your baby’s mobile. Be consistent in using these songs. They must have a go-to-sleep song. Once they hear the song, they will immediately fall asleep. If they are used to it each night, putting them to sleep won’t be a problem anymore. Play the same song if your baby wakes up in the middle of the night. This is a time when it would be extremely difficult to put your baby back to sleep. With the help of the recorded music, it can be done easily.

Babies may also create their own music to help them easily fall asleep. If they enjoy playing drums or pianos, observe the kind of music they create. They might really enjoy the sounds. Record what they have played and use it as a lullaby alternate.

Non-lullaby songs

Lullabies are extremely common in making babies fall asleep. Aside from the common lullabies, there are alternative types of music that can be used. Some babies enjoy listening to classical music. They also have the same soothing rhythm as lullabies. Of course, you are not expected to sing classical songs as they can be vocally challenging. Playing a recorded song is an option.

You might also be surprised that some babies prefer something that is more fun or upbeat. Brazilian or African rhythms might work best for them. Try to observe them first with different types of music to find out which one is the most effective.

As long as you stay away from rap, rock, or hardcore music, it would be fine. Harsh sounds might disturb the baby’s sleep. For playtime music, choose more upbeat songs that imbibe a cheerful environment. Try to vary the songs they are exposed to. This helps them fall asleep even better when it is time to sleep. The song sends a signal to their brain that they have to close their eyes and rest.

There are no specific songs that are considered universally effective in putting the baby to sleep. Generally, they prefer slower songs with a calmer rhythm to easily fall asleep. Understand their needs to make it easier for you to deal with them the next time around.

Again, putting them to sleep can be challenging. It is great that you have soothing music to help you in your effort to make them fall asleep. Use these resources wisely. Keep trying until you find the best songs that work.

Once they are asleep, slowly put them down on their cot and you can finally relax.

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