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How To Keep Your Fans Engaged?

In today’s world, many artists have come forwards and made their fans happy by replying to their messages or taking their names in a message. With the use of social media, the distance between an artist and their fans has reduced considerably. Now a day, every artist finds a way to get in touch with their fans and keeps on trying to find new ways too. Artists know that it is important to be connected with the fans as they are the greatest supports every artist have. There are certain things which the artists can do to keep their fans engaged. New technologies are getting invented every day. Try to understand the technologies and make use of it.

Once a technology is adopted, the artist should decide how much time they plan to use the technology. If you select one technology and does not spend time in it, you might see a fall in the followers. Use the selected tool not only for your purposes but also for other social things which have got a strong message to the population. There are a lot of technologies which musicians can use, and it attracts more crowds as well. However, before using these technologies, the musicians should make sure that their band is not weak and also they have perfected in every attribute.


Crowdfunding – What A Musician Should Know?

Social networking tools have been a help to everyone. From the common people to the great business people, sportspersons, etc. Many have identified the possibility of using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. in achieving their goal and have been successful as well. From the crowd who are attending your music show, you can ask for their support for musical projects. You can make the crowd funding successful if you do some homework. The first thing you need to make is to invest some time and list out your team members, your sponsors and the broadcasters who can spread the news of your project to more people.

Have a project ready which you believe that will be successful if you get the attention of the people. Once you tell about your project, see what you are getting first. What you receive first will decide how your project will go on. Towards the end of the advertisements ask your friends and families to support you.

Once you get the first funding, spread the news of the project to big circles. Many business people will also come forward to help you provided you take their names in the show. By doing this, they will be getting publicity too.
Thank publically to those people who have contributed and ask more people to contribute if they believe if the musical project should play.

Never force anyone to contribute. You might be having a lot of fan following. You can ask them to spread the news and get as much as the help they can provide. Once you complete all these, it is time for the press to come in the light. Once you get the help of the media, then you can make sure that your musical project will turn as a huge success.

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Why Upcoming Musicians Should Make Use Of Facebook?

Facebook has taken the world by a storm. It started as a usual social networking tool which grew into a big help for business, charity, sports, etc. It helped in connecting people, their thoughts, and their views. Some even started making money by taking the help of Facebook. So what one should need to understand from this is the business plan which is hidden in Facebook.

If you are Musician and you have a Facebook account, then you can make good use of it for your career. Wondering how? It’s simple. The first thing you need to do is to get a customized Facebook page. It gives you a professional image as well as a credible one too. Visualize your page in such a way that it attracts the fan strongly that they will never go in search for another page. Always try to add your band’s picture rather than your personal picture.

In your Facebook account, make sure that you put all the information which you want the public to know. Publishing the information does not mean all the information relating to you. Only those which you would like to disclose. Connect with the followers regularly by way of replying to their messages or sharing a meaningful picture etc. Facebook is a powerful tool, so make use of it fully. If you are active on Facebook, your fans will like it.

Use Facebook for any products that you are promoting or any event where you are a guest. Share sites and news which gives goo messages to the population. Try to know your fans; you will get surprised for sure. Since Facebook concentrates of Visuals, post a lot of pictures. Good thoughts from your always encourage your fans to do the same. Once you know the fan strength, you can even make anyone of your fan as an administrator who can run the page on behalf of you.

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In Love With Music? Make A Living From It

Music is within everyone. Some people realizes it while some other takes the time to realize it. Some know how to make a living out of music. Some are still confused about how to make a living out of music. Confused? Let us make something clear first. If you know art, you can make a living out of it where you will be the sole owner, worker, officer, etc.

How can you even start thinking of making a living out of music if you know only music and no other idea of earning through music? You need to think of ways which can help you. The first way is to make the ordinary people love and listen to your music. It does not mean that you have to copy what the actual singer sings. Put your additions to the singing and make in enjoyable that the crowd listens to you and they might also recommend it to others.

When you start playing live music, do not expect that you will be getting a good earning at the first go itself. Many times you will not be getting a good pay at first. Not to worry. Not every musician plays music for a living. Some play it out of their passion. Street play is an important way to get the attention of the crowd. Once they start listening to it, you will be able to get small earnings at first which can lead to a complete change of your life.

You must know the ins and outs of the instrument you play. This quality will help you in trying different notes in different ways which can give you popularity. Once you start earning, make sure that you register for the copyright protection. You can make your promotional materials and give it to publishers and also you can have a law attorney who represents you. If you try these ways, you can certainly make a living out of music.

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Digital PR Campaign, Important Information For Musicians

Now a day everything has gone digital. In the case of musicians, it is a blessing to have a digital publicity campaign as it will help them to spread the news to a whole group of fans, an increase in the influence, etc. However, before a digital campaign for a music project, you should make sure that you have got the music ready. If you do not have then the PR campaign in not needed. You should have you project ready at least before one month of the campaign.

If you plan a project today and do the campaign within a few days, the campaign will be a waste of time not only for you but also for the entire people who were ready to work with you. So keep your music ready for the campaign. If you have personal stories, try to make it strong. With a good biography, you can earn good money and also you can use the biography at the time of campaigning.

In the campaigns, try to use professional photos which can add value to the campaigns. Try to use the band’s photo wherever you can rather than using a personal photo. At the end of the campaign what you can do is get the help of the social media. Social Medias are powerful tools today, which can make a campaign successful.


How Can Instagram Help The Musicians

Instagram is famous now a day, everyone uses, and it takes advantage it. A strong social networking tool can help in making a person famous no matter who that person is. Musicians are no different. If you are a musician, you need to know the possibilities a social networking tool can help you in getting a crowd who listens to your music. It is not a difficult task to use Instagram.

Once you know the basics of using it, you can explore the world with this tool. The first thing you need to do is understand what Instagram is which you will probably know now. Make a unique name and reserve that name in Instagram. Never connect your official account to your personal account. People want to hear your music and you, not your daily activities. If you find it difficult to get a name you want and if Instagram shows that the name is already taken, then try adding numbers or locations to it for the identity.

Once you get the account, make sure that you set your profile up and link it to your website. You can keep the Instagram account up to date which people also prefers if they are your follower. You can connect the social profiles to Instagram but not your personal profiles. In your account, you can share your story, however, try to avoid images. Before you start using the Instagram account, try to see what other bands do to keep their fans happy.

Make sure not to use promotional message a lot as it may make the count of your followers less. Share meaningful thoughts and images which people like and give them a reason to like you. When you use Instagram, try to involve your band as much as you can as it is important to keep the followers engaged too.


Qualities Of A Successful Musician

The music industry is a widely spread one that it takes hard work and dedication to reach there. Not all musicians become successful because no one is there to support them or many are they do not have any idea of how to go further. If you want to make a name in the music industry, you will have to set realistic standards and keep on achieving them. Many become musicians not only because of their hard work but also because they do not have a plan B to implement. Now a day, musicians keep a plan B if plan A is not working.

If you do not have a plan B, you will work in every possible way to make the plan work. Many musicians have accepted this fact. Here hard work plays the major part. In the time of hard work, you can make yourself educated in many instruments or get a better experience in playing the instrument or even try different patterns.

Modesty is one of the major qualities a musician should have. It is a fact that you might not get a good income at the beginning. It might take decades to get a good income. One should know simple living even if they get a good amount as income. If you have a talent, then you should not have anxiety or fear of getting a regular income

The major quality one will get through this situation is patience which is considered as one of the important quality of a musician. For a struggling musician, every day will be a learning day. They will study patience, modesty and also will have the right attitude towards everything. Once you start getting a decent income, you can invest them in learning more music and instruments which will come handy to you in the future. The successful qualities make a great musician.